Online Training for Residential Maid Service Professionals

Maid Training Academy is the first training school for residential maid service professionals with students in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.  We also partner with Maid Service providers throughout the world to improve core competency and establish benchmarks for cleaning professionals.

Professionals in other fields are often required to complete and maintain certification as a bona fide professional in their field of expertise.  Certification provides employers, and/or the people they serve, with certain levels of confidence that the person knows how to provide their particular service at established standards.

In the residential maid industry, formal training is either not required or it is provided by the employer (or franchise), with no disclosure to the general public as to what was included nor if the employee actually passed any formal testing.


Maid Training Academy breaks down these barriers by disclosing course subjects in great detail and providing third party testing services.  Click on Class Descriptions from the menu above to see the extensive list of topics included in each class.


Employers and Customers can verify certification by going to the Employers section of this website and request confirmation directly from Maid Training Academy. 


Our training is also user friendly and flexible.  Students can take classes at their own pace and around busy schedules.  Our goal is for Students to succeed.  Sign up today and start your journey to becoming a certified Professional Cleaner.  Continue your education by earning your Team Leader certification and then your Master Cleaner designation.